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Will Samson - UK

Born in December 1988, Will Samson is a British musician currently based in Brussels, Belgium.

Since the release of Balance in 2012 (mastered by Nils Frahm & released by Karaoke Kalk), Will has been exploring the spaces between ambient, electronic, experimental & folk music. His long-held love and fascination with the sounds of tape that were presented on this early album still remain a central feature of his music.

Balance was shortly followed up in 2013 with the EP, Light Shadows. The four songs introduced the use of subtle electronics and violins – which gradually developed and grew to become prominent features in the succeeding solo album, Ground Luminosity.

This notably more expansive sounding album was meticulously crafted over a two year period & released by Talitres in October 2015. During the writing process, Samson befriended Beatrijs De Klerck – a talented Belgian violinist who has performed with artists such as A Winged Victory For The Sullen & Christina Vantzou. De Klerck performed luscious strings all over Ground Luminosity and remains a frequent collaborator, both on the stage and in the studio.

In the same year, Karaoke Kalk released Animal Hands – a collaborative album with close friend and Berlin-based producer, Heimer. The record explored the two musicians' shared love of organic sounding electronics.

2016 saw the release of Lua via respected experimental label, 12k. This instrumental mini-album focused on Samson's fascination with ambient soundscapes, with the use of his ever-present tape machines.

September 2017 presented his latest offering, Welcome Oxygen (Talitres) - an album that was largely written and recorded over an intense 8 day period in Portugal. This showcases his most raw, stripped down and personal body of work to date. Exclaim magazine stated: "His songwriting continues to gather strength, and the production here is top shelf. For all his low-key, understated delivery, Samson has produced a dynamic, thrilling record, his best so far".

Throughout the years of writing & recording, Will Samson has also consistently toured across the UK and Europe. This includes support tours with artists such as The Album Leaf, Shearwater, Pinback, Marissa Nadler, Kurt Vile – as well as opening slots for Ólafur Arnalds, Timber Timbre and many more.




Samson has produced a dynamic, thrilling record, his best so far — 8/10*
— Exclaim
Will Samson maakt muziek die zachter aanvoelt dan de vacht van z’n naamgenoot.
— Radio 1 BE

Label: Talitres

Territory: BeNelux

Agent: Marije van Veen