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There's always something up with The Germans. An elusive quintet whose music has been balancing between pleasantly mundane and absolute racket since 2002. 4 years after the release of their instant cult classic 'Are Animals Different?', followed by an equally legendary tour, the new chapter is upon us. On their new album 'Sexuality' (Unday Records), the band challenge the cult of celebrity and self-promotion by displaying their ugly as well as their sexy. The tone is confusingly kinky. Raw, at times uncomfortable and even abrasive, but also sultry, sweaty and exotic. Sexuality quoi, captured on tape, undisguised, by producer Micha Volders (Meteor Musik). Primitive percussion, tatty guitars, a lewd Hammond and many other instruments play a major role in this hot mush of psych, easy-listening, Flemish polyphony and cocktail jazz. Blixa Bargeld meets Tito Puente (and they end up in bed together). Sexuality will be revealed March 1st (vinyl, digital). The Germans are (in random order of sexyness): Jakob Ampe, Vincent Cauwels, Lennert Jacobs, Timothy Jacobs en Boris Zeebroek.

they’re quite possibly the most bizarre live band I’ve ever laid eyes on. Comprising five members in total, among them a singer adorned in a wizard’s outfit who’s a doppelganger for Wayne Sleep and a gyrating dancer who removes not one but two pairs of pants during their set before making out with his band’s guitarist midway through the final song. What do they sound like? Somewhere between Sonic Youth and Can.
— Drowend in Sound
The Germans zelf stuwen hun heksenketel van krautrock, psychedelica, dub, elektronica en allround weirdness - het type waar Mauro Pawlowski als kind ooit moet ingevallen zijn - intussen naar het kookpunt.
— De Morgen

Label: Unday

Territory: Netherlands

Agent: Marije van Veen

Links: BandcampSoundCloud / YouTube/ Vimeo / Facebook