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Nordmann - BE

Nordmann betrays the live wire intensity and explosive potential of a furious rock & roll band, while also retaining the thoughtfulness and shape-shifting qualities of the best improvising units. From the start, it tickled the interest of a younger audience that’s always on the lookout for new, unheard sounds and combinations. Their successful appearances at a series of contests confirmed it, and so did the reception of their self-titled EP (2014), debut album Alarm! (2015) and newest album The Boiling Ground (2017).

With an instantly recognizable sound, Nordmann usually brings together different strands of thought and genres that result in a combination that is best defined as a kind of progressive minimalism. It is decidedly forward-thinking, pushing the boundaries, seeking for new possibilities. Their approach is a genre-bending one, too flexible, too elastic to let itself be contained, trapped in a corner. Yet at the same time, there’s also the careful balance and the understanding that, even despite the complexity and volume the music can generate, the core of Nordmann is one of unity. Their vision is one of purity.

It’s a sound that is as imaginative as it is suggestive, as thrilling as it is satisfying. It’s the soothing drug and instantaneous kick for those craving an adventure.

Band voor Lowlands én North Sea Jazz!
— Oor
Nordmann op Pukkelpop: zó hard kan jazz dus rocken — 4/5*
— De Morgen

Label: V2 benelux

Territory: Netherlands

Agent: Marije van Veen

Links: Website / Spotify / Facebook / EPK