Martin Kohlstedt - DE

Intuitively Martin Kohlstedt feels his way into this body of wood, felt hammers and steel strings. The young composer, who grew up in the forests of Thuringia, doesn’t just put on an anonymous fingerplay – he perpetually opens himself up with each and every moment, with every stroke of the keys. It’s an attempt to create something close and personal beyond sophisticated classics or artificial pathos. The first captivating ideas are formed with the piano – but when space and audience require it he may electrify your mind with noise and bass or abruptly fall silent.

Kohlstedt isn’t reenacting a play, he’s holding a musical conversation with his instruments. At times he might even lose his self-control and get carried away. Particularly in a concert setting, one might take note of this kind of aggressive straightforwardness, perhaps making him seem vulnerable. If you were simply a bystander, you could even find this cheesy. But the argumentation between character and piece is so fierce, that there is no way of not being taken in. Consider yourself lucky under these circumstances because that’s exactly what Martin Kohlstedt needs, this soundbox, his audience.

Before pursuing his solo career Martin Kohlstedt was trained in jazz piano and also studied media arts at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. Furthermore he left a mark on electronic dance floors around the world with the bands Marbert Rocel and Karocel and up to this day he scores moving images of international filmmakers or participates in the production of audio books and theatre plays.

During several extensive live tours with intimate concerts all over Germany, Europe and the globe Martin Kohlstedt had the opportunity to refine and develop his compositions incorporating the piano as well as electronic instrumentation. The result was a system of mutable and recombinable musical modules that he curates, explores and orchestrates instead of merely interpreting preconceived pieces. In that he follows through on the idea that music is never set in stone but has to be continuously negotiated.

On november 17th his third album »Strom« will be released – a testament to his newly conceived identity and the next big step on Martin Kohlstedt‘s journey through the possibilities dwelling deep in his seemingly well-known instruments. 

Twice already Martin Kohlstedt captured his musical understanding successfully in the studio: After the two closely connected piano albums »Tag« (2012) and »Nacht« (2014) their respective reinterpretations followed, featuring artist such as FM Belfast, Christian Löffler, Douglas Dare and Mathias Kaden in the form of two rework EPs. In cooperation with Rough Trade, finetunes, Kick The Flame Music Publishing, ROBA Music Publishing and Broken Silence all his works were released on his own label »Edition Kohlstedt«

Martin Kohlstedt is a young composer with a curious touch. He moves between classical and electronic realms, refusing to allow his music to be pinned down.
— Clash Music


Territory: Netherlands

Agent: Marije van Veen

Links: Website / Spotify / Facebook / EPK