KRANKLAND is the new project of Thomas Werbrouck (Little Trouble Kids), with Christophe Claeys on drums, Thomas Mortier on bass and Janko Beckers on pedal steel, toy keyboards, autoharp…

Debut album ‘Wanderrooms’ is far removed from the noise of Little Trouble Kids: it contains ten multi-layered, melancholic songs in which Thomas – master of light and shadow – put his heart and soul.

However, ‘Wanderrooms’ swings and grooves like you wouldn’t expect from a weeping willow. First single ‘In the Realms of the Unreal’ spread its wings on Record Store Day 2016, and is ‘a powerful psychedelic slowburner’, according to Humo. Follow-up ‘Summer Avalanche’ mixes Mikal Cronin with feelgood Beach Boys-vibes.

Actually, it seems as if every song dresses down another indie-subgenre: from Sonic Youth (‘Land of Hope and Sores’) to Sparklehorse (‘Dog Days’) and Tom Waits (‘Rat Race of the Slugs’). ‘And He Rows’ is one of the highlights of the record: with bells, crooked violins, singing saws, and woeful backing choirs.

We can only look forward to the many encores, yet to be written!

Welcome in KRANKLAND, welcome in ‘Wanderrooms’. Forget all that you know, unexpect all the expected. It’s going to be a wondrous journey!

Fraai ineengevlochten, op elkaar gestapelde gitaarpartijen, veel hoge koortjes en daaroverheen die ijle, kwetsbare stem en teksten waaruit weemoed, hoop, boosheid en vertwijfeling spreken. Prachtig debuut!
— oor
Warm aanbevolen debuut, staat als een huis!

Label: NEWS

Territory: Netherlands

Agent: Marije van Veen

Links: Website / Spotify / Facebook