Housewives - UK

HOUSEWIVES are a genreless band from London who make experimental music that points to the future. Using prepared guitars, electronics, percussion and saxophone they create an enveloping sound using odd time signatures and antithetical song structures. Their kinetic live sets have cemented their reputation as one of the most exciting live bands in Europe; championed by the likes of Tom Ravenscroft (6 Music), Radio 3 Late Junction and pioneering experimental musician Charles Hayward. They join the likes of Liars, Animal Collective and The Knife at the forefront of forward-looking music this decade.

Having know each other since childhood, Housewives joined together in London in 2013 to ferment an incendiary musical relationship that has lead to a prolific set of releases; sculpting a string of sold out releases on underground labels Faux Discx, Blank Editions, Hands in the Dark and most recently Rocket Recordings

Music that’s beyond genre categorisation and as a result, stands out as one of this year’s unmissable acts.
— Drowned In Sound
In sonorous inebriations, Housewives tatters mental matter into an oblivion, from minimalist punches and strokes, and a full on assault of sonic permutation
— Tiny Mix Tapes
On Work, different variations of guitar atonalism are flung together with the industrial clatter and rumble of agricultural machinery and equipment, the monotonous grind of labour a constant cold breath down the neck of these disquieting exercises in art rock minimalism
— The Quietus

Label: Hands In The Dark / Blank Editions / Rocket Recordings / Negative Days

Territory: Netherlands

Agent: Marije van Veen

Links: Facebook / Bandcamp / Soundcloud