Bon Voyage Organisation - FR

Bon Voyage Organisation is an ever-shifting constellation of musicians led by Paris- based producer and bass player Adrien Durand. Durand was first spotted in 2009 by Jamal Moss, boss of renowned Chicago label Mathematics Recordings, which released Durand’s solo effort (Impersonnel Naviguant) under the moniker Les Aéroplanes. That first record, done using a very academic house music setup consisting of an eight-track cassette recorder, a drum machine, a cheap analog synthesiser and an even cheaper sampler, caught the attention of such DJ’s as Beautiful Swimmer and Toby Tobias.

Les Aéroplanes became Bon Voyage with drummer Nicolas Ballay and keyboard player/ engineer Maxime Kosinetz joining the project on a regular basis. While opening for legendary Italian DJ Daniele Baldelli, the band caught the attention of Chicken Lips’s Steve Kotey, who released Bon Voyage’s first two records (Sorciers des Aéroports, L’Imposture) on STENDEC, a new imprint created for the occasion.

For XĪNGYÈ, Bon Voyage grew with the addition of a guitarist, a flute player and assorted vocalists including Chinese pop star LiLijuan and became Bon Voyage Organisation. The band moved beyond the space synth sound for which they had become known to a more hybrid and complex blend of musical influences. While maintaining their trademark mutant disco vibe against a backdrop of aeronautic imagery, Bon Voyage’s latest EP manages to evoke some other thematic obsessions dear to Adrien Durand, and invites you to a bizarre tropical journey. “La Traversée” brings us into a futuristic version of Deng Xiao Ping’s China because, as Durand suggests, “Deng Xiao Ping is to Mao Tse Tung’s China what Phil Collins is to Peter Gabriel’s Genesis, no?”. From life during wartime (“Shenzhen V”) to pulp detective novels (“La Piste Chinoise’), Xingye combines disco-funk rhythmic pathos with some heavy sound-painting techniques made possible by Durand’s synthesiser and tape collage wizardry. When asked about the album’s highly cinematic tonal colours, Durand prefers to recycle Frank Zappa’s explanation of his own 1969 LP, Uncle Meat, calling Xingye “Music for a film we haven’t got enough money to finish yet.” And not just any film. Think of a cross between Ridley’s Scott Blade Runner and an imaginary remake of The Last King of Scotland shot by John Carpenter.

As on the two preceding records, Bon Voyage was joined in the studio by Florian Lagatta, the French sound engineer who received Grammy awards for his work with Daft Punk and Beck. 

Part of a new wave of French disco, Parisian group Bon Voyage Organisation fuse multiple instruments to create chaotic tracks that are impossible to not move to, and bring elements from multiple cultures and atmospheres.
— The line best fit
I tried to continue the musical expedition between dystopian Science-Fiction Haunted Africa and futuristic Asia. Addressing, in a double entendre manner, some of the political issues that I am sensitive to.
— Adrian Durand

Label: Disque Pointu

Territory: Netherlands

Agent: Marije van Veen

Links: Website / Spotify / Facebook