Hot Topic is an Amsterdam-based booking agency, run by Marije Van Veen. A respected and experienced figure in the Netherlands music industry, Van Veen was for many years the joint driving force behind Lexicon Bookings. Her new venture, Hot Topic, looks to build on Lexicon’s legacy to address the new artistic and socio-cultural challenges that face us all. Van Veen strongly believes that a more inclusive, equal and forward-thinking artistic environment can influence wider society. Given Marije’s experiences and cultural nous, Hot Topic has a keen understanding of how the industry as a whole needs to develop to survive and thrive in rapidly changing times. And Hot Topic’s core ethos is to help those who can bring about positive change through their art.


Hot Topic wants to work with artists who make high quality, intelligent and independent music. The agency’s ideal partners are those artists who want to do something different  and those who are determined to make a difference, whether in the Netherlands or further afield. Hot Topic values experiment, energy and élan. Simply put, an artist must make music because of “who they are”; regardless of how their music is classified, or monetised by others. Artists will always define the agency: regardless of socio-cultural or disciplinary hue. To enable their vision, Hot Topic will nurture close working relationships with its artists, based on honesty, mutual trust and artistic principles.



Hot Topic

Lauriergracht 116-S

1016RR Amsterdam


Marije van Veen

Owner / Agent



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